Our vacation to Villa Paz was the best we’ve ever had! The Villa was absolutely beautiful and we were so impressed with the attention to detail that was given to make the Villa a home away from home for your guests. The staff was incredible. They were eager to please and even paid close attention to our likes & dislikes. I love iced tea in the mornings, so I asked for hot tea and then I poured it over ice. They took notice and I was surprised the next morning when they made me a glass of iced tea!! Bernal was great. We really enjoyed practicing our Spanish with him, and I think he appreciated practicing his English with us! He would surprise us with special tropical drinks that were always delicious! Jonathan was also fantastic. We felt well taken care of whenever we left the Villa for an excursion. The transportation was always clean, air conditioned, and most importantly – we always felt very safe!

Our visit was the perfect balance of adventure and relaxation! We had a blast on the Canopy Tour! The next day we pampered ourselves with pool-side massages! They were heavenly! We truly felt like VIPs on this vacation. We can’t wait to return!!!

Thanks for EVERYTHING!!!
Todd & Jaimie Angyal

Just wanted to say thank you. What a wonderful villa, perfect for a medium to large family vacation. I can not praise your wonderful staff enough.

Yvette is an amazing cook, and you'll love her Costa Rican food. Many times when we were out and about in the country and ate out in some rather nice restaurants, when we were done, we often thought that we would have rather ate at home with Yvette and saved the money.

Bernal is as funny, energetic, very helpful. He is a great bartender, you must try his pina colada. He is also very eager to learn, especially when it comes to drinks he does not know. I had a lot of fun showing him how to make a 'Bloody Mary' and a "Blow Job", he's still clueless about what the latter means. He is a little soft-spoken so if your hearing is anything less than perfect, you'll have to encourage him to speak up.

I think Inez is magic, clothes are washed, rooms are cleaned, beds are made, and I never saw her come or go, even those days when we stayed mostly about the house. She is so honest, I must have left some money in my pants, it wasn't much, I wouldn't have missed it, but there it was sitting on top of folded laundry. I gave it back to her as an extra tip, but it was nice to know that she honest in the small things, so she could be trusted in the big things.

I must not forget Jonathon, who made our expedition arrangements, they were a lot of fun, without being too expensive, or over the top flashy. Try to get Jose and his driver for a tour guide, their English is excellent and they have a great sense of humor. I particularly enjoyed being able to tailor the tours to our own interest. They will spoil you, almost to the point of embarrassment. I don't think, that they think, you can travel without a full ice chest, and god forbid you have to walk a few extra steps, to get to your destination.

You all have put together an excellent staff, I know from experience how hard that is to do. My complements. I would strongly encourage your future guest to go ahead and spend the extra on the full staff. They are great.

David Morris
Dallas, TX

Last month I vacationed at Villa De La Paz with a group of friends. One of the members of our party had stayed at Villa De La Paz before and she could not stop talking about how wonderful it was. She had told us what to expect but hearing about Villa De La Paz and being there are two different things. Words can not describe the beauty of the Villa and of Costa Rica, nor are there enough words to describe how friendly, kind, and hardworking the staff is.

Our group was treated like family from the moment we arrived. Bernal met us at the van and was ready to carry our bags, Yvette was in the kitchen cooking and Iris was there to help us settle in. We did not want for anything during our stay. The staff went out of their way to make sure we were happy. An example of this is was when one member of our group asked for Soy Sauce one night at dinner. There was none in the house. The next day at lunch though there was Soy Sauce on the table. The whole staff went above and beyond to make our stay wonderful.

Our group went on the canapy tour, jungle river boat tour and sailing on the Kuna Villa. Each day was a new adventure and everyone we met was kind and gracious. The lunchs we had each day were wonderful and our tour guide and bus driver were great.

I really felt welcomed not only at the villa, but all over the country and I am already planning my next trip back.

Thank you,
Traci Robinson

INCREDIBLE...the only way to describe our Vacation in COSTA RICA. Which began with being picked up at the Liberia Airport by the Villa van to being welcomed by the entire VILLA DE LA PAZ staff. Upon entering the Villa & unpacking in our room we realized each bedroom had a unique theme. You couldn't have chosen a better staff which was readily available for our every need including the tour guide Jonathan who helped us plan our excursions. HATED to leave and look forward to returning.


For more information, or for help with any questions: E-mail: villadelapazcr@gmail.com